HUGE Update!

As I’m posting this update, there are now 14 days remaining in the 2010-2011 school year! This past month, students have been working hard in the classroom, learning about resumes and practicing interview skills. They will apply these skills by participating in mock interviews at the Holiday Inn during the last full week of school. Students have been continuing their non-paid internships at the Holiday Inn, Second Harvest Food Bank and Schrader Lane Day Care and have also been exploring the community around Nashville.

Although there are only 14 days of school left, we’ve got a very busy schedule which includes several picnics, a trip to the Adventure Science Center and a graduation ceremony for students completing the program. Check back soon for more pictures!

Students played frisbee in Bicentennial Park, explored the Farmers Market, purchased lunch in the food court then took some time to pose in front of the cool tomatoes!

Pond at Centennial Park

The guys in front of the Mexican restaurant downtown in the Arcade

Ms. Heil helped us make a couple treats to take to the Community Based picnic

We made BLT dip and no-bake cookies!


2 responses to “HUGE Update!

  1. Great pictures, Mr. L. It looks like everyone is having a great experience!

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