Virtual Classroom Tour

Welcome to the Community Based Transition Program at Vanderbilt!

Students walk through this hallway every morning and hang up their jackets.

At the beginning and end of each day, students clock-in and clock-out of work in the computer lab.

This is our mini-kitchen, where students independently prepare their meals.

Students check-out books at the downtown library every Friday during Community Day. This is our classroom library.

Mr. L.'s teaching area, with a calendar, white board and visual schedule.

Students are introduced to new job skills and independent living skills words throughout the year which are posted on the word wall.

During Independent Choice time after lunch, students choose different work boxes which reinforce job skills learned at work sites. Thanks for visiting the classroom!


3 responses to “Virtual Classroom Tour

  1. Love to see the new pics of the group. I laughed hard when I saw the lounging pool shot! The group does a great job for us here at Holiday Inn. Thanks Tyler for sharing.

    Jeff O’Brien
    HR Director
    Holiday Inn Nashville-West End

  2. Looks like a great group of students! I liked taking a virtual tour of the classroom spaces, and I look forward to seeing lots more pictures of everybody as the year progresses! Keep up the good work!

  3. HI my name is Adrian and I am more then happy to be in the criminol justes police department fild i like the job i injoy doing what i do with my team and we would allways Help one of others from Adrian.

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