Criminal Justice Center

Hello all. Happy November! September and October have brought changes to the weather and also to the Community Based Transition Program at Vanderbilt. Students were very excited to begin non-paid internships at the Criminal Justice Center in downtown Nashville. This partnership with Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools has been made possible through a grant from the Arc and Walmart. The Arc is the largest national community-based organization advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families (from We appreciate your support and passion for helping to integrate individuals with disabilities into the community through employment. The Metropolitan Nashville Government and Police Department share this vision and have played an integral role in making this happen. My students thank you!

Students perform several jobs at the Criminal Justice Center in the supply room. These tasks include stocking shelves, filling orders for various departments in the building and helping to maintain a clean work space. Below are several pictures from our new job site. Check them out!

Waiting to work (Mr. L. making his first cameo in a photo!)

This student came ready to make a good first impression by dressing to impress!

Pushing the “Dolly Parton” (it’s an inside joke!)

Filling an order

Students have continued working at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt throughout the week. Below are some updated pictures from this job site.

Rolling silverware for the Commodore Grille

Catching up on the news and weather on the cool interactive LCD display in the lobby

Fridays continue to serve as great opportunities for students to explore the community. Below are pictures documenting our many community outings!

Visiting the Court House

We visited Radnor Lake with Ms. Rochelle

Tennessee State Museum

We took advantage of the all you can eat buffet at CiCi’s Pizza

Enjoying a game of volleyball at the Ensworth Special Olympics Field Day

Thanks for visiting our site. Remember, my students love viewing comments!


4 responses to “Criminal Justice Center

  1. Hello Students of Mr. L!
    It looks like you all have already accomplished a lot this year, and it’s only been one quarter. What an interesting variety of jobs and outings you guys get to do. I’m jealous!
    Tad Wert (Anna Claire’s Dad)

  2. Wow Mr. L your students do dress to impress! Way to make a good first impression! Your job at the criminal justice center looks like a great experience. Oh and our class likes a place called Infinito’s it’s like CiCi’s. You can’t go wrong with a pizza buffet can you!?!

    Maybe Mr. L would like to skype our class sometime????

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