A New Semester!

Welcome back! Students are slowly getting back into the swing of things after a two week holiday break. After a successful first semester, students are excited to begin January with a new sense of enthusiasm. Students take pride in their work at their non-paid internships and are becoming more and more independent every day.

This semester, students are continuing non-paid internships at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt, Nashville Criminal Justice Center and Second Harvest Food Bank. In addition to continuing at these sites, students have the opportunity to learn something completely new these next few months: how to play the guitar! Through a non-profit organization, Little Kids Rock, each student has received a free Fender acoustic guitar. Mr. L. is teaching the students the basics of a guitar, such as how to hold it and how to strum. Students are also beginning to learn basic music theory. They are working to perform a song together by the end of the school year. Be on the look out for the Vanderbilt CBTP Band at a venue near you. Who knows, we may be headlining the Ryman before long!

Below, check out updated photos of the students from the past few weeks. Included are photos of the students at job sites, playing guitar and at a community-based outing at the grocery store.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Students loading the dishwashing machine in the housekeeping department at the Holiday Inn

Sweeping the Commodore Grille

Strumming Away

Shopping at Kroger

Outside Kroger Group Shot

Making PB & Js!


2 responses to “A New Semester!

  1. Great pictures! You all are so busy doing all kinds of useful activities. Anna Claire is really happy to be back in school again!
    Tad Wert

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