A Brand New School Year

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year at the Vanderbilt Community Based Transition Program! As the second quarter approaches in October, I’d love to share with you several exciting things that have happened so far this school year! First of all, students have been working hard at the job sites. We are excited to be back at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt. Also, we have three new sites: Centennial Sportsplex, the American Economic Association, and the Office of Contract and Research Administration. Students are at the Sportsplex twice per week, doing cleaning. The other two new sites are located in the Vanderbilt Center Building and students work there once per week, doing office and clerical work.

Students waiting for the city bus in front of the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt

One of the CBTP students dressed and ready to work at the hotel! This student was recently hired to work part-time at the Holiday Inn Vanderbilt. Way to go!

As a reward for their hard work at the Sportsplex, students had a unique and exciting opportunity to sit in on a Nashville Predators hockey practice! Not only did they get to watch the players practice…they also met several stars, including Shea Weber! And, there’s more: one of the players gave our class an official Nashville Predators NHL hockey puck. It is displayed prominently in the classroom at Vanderbilt! We will be following the Predators closely this season. We would like to thank the Sportsplex staff, especially Ms. Cindy, for making this happen. Also, thank you to the players for their hospitality!

Photo taken in front of the swimming pools at the Sportsplex. Thank you to Rick, Mickey, Cindy, and everyone at this site!

Posing with the Preds

We love the Preds!

We even toured the locker room!

Running the “sweeper” at the tennis courts area.

On Fridays students have been exploring the community. Here’s a great shot of everyone in front of the Nashville Symphony downtown. Other sites we’ve visited include the Nashville Farmers Market, downtown library, and Second Harvest Food Bank. Students look forward to continuing to explore the community throughout the school year.

Downtown, outside the symphony

Last but not least, we have adopted an official Vanderbilt CBTP pet: Angelica the Hamster! She was named after a voting process. Students take turns on “hamster patrol”,  checking on the pet daily to ensure she has enough food, water, and clean bedding. It has been a great lesson in responsibility. We love Angelica!

Meet our new friend, Angelica!

Stay tuned for more updates. Enjoy the wonderful autumn weather!


2 responses to “A Brand New School Year

  1. What awesome photos! It looks like fun to be a part of Mr. L’s class… wish I was a student there!!!

    -Mallory from Best Buddies 🙂

  2. Maybe the class can arrange another meeting with the Preds and help negotiate an end to the lockout!

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