Happy Fall


We hope that everyone has been enjoying and taking advantage of this lovely autumn weather.  Our students certainly have been, by biking every Monday morning at Shelby Bottoms Park. The B-Cycle Program has proven to be an exciting opportunity for the students. The students are learning proper hydration and eating habits before exercising and then nibbling on some protein, such as trail mix, after their bike ride or brisk walk along the nature trail. Mr. Chris Smith and Mr. Eric Magas have been most instructive in teaching the students about the ABC’s of basic bike maintenance, always check air, brakes and chain before the ride. Also, bike safety and etiquette are also part of the morning’s lesson. Riders must wear a helmet and how to properly inform others that you wish to pass while biking along the trail. These are some good life lessons for the students to add to their repertoire of skills.

We are now at the end of the first 9 weeks of school and much has already been accomplished. We have several new employers to become part of the Community Based Classroom job training effort. We would like to welcome Walgreens, where there are three CBTP sites training in various pharmacies throughout the city.  St. Thomas Hospital has become a new training site, along with McCabe and Madison Community Centers and we are excited for T J Maxx and the Southern Thrift Shop to be joining the CBTP family of employers soon.

We are rapidly preparing for the annual Self Determination/Self Advocacy Awareness Day on October 28th at the Martin Professional Development Center. The students will hear from self-advocates of how they made their way in life with a disability, and how they have managed to accomplish their dreams and goals. The students will share with the other classes what SD/SA means to them through a creative expression of posters, skits, song etc. The morning’s activities will close with transition planning, goal generating endeavors guided by Miss Karen Harrison and Mr. Joey Ellis from STEP, a support service to families and adults with disabilities.

November will also be a busy month with the Sprout Film festival coming up on Tuesday, November 12 at the Belcourt Theater. The students will view these international films about people with disabilities, once again encouraging our students that they can be and do what they dream about. The film “Hire Me”, a locally made film in collaboration with the Arc of Davidson County, encourages employers to hire people with disabilities will also be shown. Some of our CBTP sites are showcased in this film, and may even be able to identify a familiar face or two. And, yes, the students will have a bag of popcorn to munch on while enjoying the show! Hiring people with disabilities is the smart thing to do!

If you would like to view these films for yourself, please join the Arc of Davidson County in their annual fundraiser on Friday, November 1st at 6 pm at the W.O. Smith School of Music. You may purchase tickets on line at the Arc’s website, http://www.arcdc.org. Thanks so much and hope to see you there!