CBTP Students Attend President Obama Speech at McGavock High School

Four CBTP students, along with their teacher and job coaches, had the unprecedented opportunity of seeing President Barack Obama speak at McGavock High School on Thursday, January 30th. The pictures speak for themselves and say beyond a thousand words!


Disability day, Pres Obama 045

Students from Ms. Sellers’ class pose with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Tennessee State Senator Thelma Harper after the speech

For more photos of the big day, click here!

The students’ Self Advocacy and Self Determination skills were, once again, very impressively demonstrated on Wednesday, January 29th at Disability Day on the Hill.  It was the most gratifying site to see MNPS buses lining the street in front of the capitol, knowing  our students were inside being seen and heard at one of the most important and significant events in the disability community. Many of the students had appointments with their senators and representatives and rather eloquently, expressed their desires and needs as a young person with a disability. Students explained that is necessary for them to able to live productively and independently within their community.

With the New Year underway, CBTP students continue to forge ahead with their commitment to good health and exercise. Each and every site has a daily exercise regimen and a nutrition lesson. Mr. L.’s class is meeting with a Vanderbilt undergraduate student on a weekly basis to discuss nutrition. These lessons will culminate with developing a shopping list, shopping at a grocery store, and preparing a healthy meal. Another site has “Healthy Friday” whereby they take advantage of one of the local Metro community centers, walking the track, playing basketball and enjoying a few games of ping pong or foosball. Then, in the community room, the students enjoy their healthy lunch packed by one of the high school’s cafeteria. It is great to see our students eating their carrots, broccoli and apples in addition to their healthy sandwich.

Have a great February and stay warm!