New Year at CBTP

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Kate Deizter introducing the short films at the 3rd annual Sprout Film Festival at Belcourt Theater.

Well, “what’s new”, you ask? We have new students, new job coaches, a new teacher, new job sites, new employers, a new classroom site AND a brand new program. All of which we are very proud of and very excited to be involved in.

The new program that began this past August is a Project Search Program at the Embassy Suites Hotel at 1811 Broadway near Vanderbilt. This program is now an internationally renowned program, originally started at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in 1998. It is a collaborative effort amongst, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Vocational Rehabilitation and a Community Rehabilitation Provider, Progress Inc. Eight interns report to the hotel daily participating intensely in various rotations, working alongside the hotel employees, and acquiring job skills. With these new job skills, we are optimistic that this will lead them to paid employment at the end of this school year.

The teachers are busy with many fall programs and activities. Now that all Metro students have been given a free Metro transit bus pass, our students are even more “out and about”, traveling throughout the city, learning how to access public transportation, so that this will be one less barrier on their employment path.

With the help and support from our friends at the Arc of Davidson County and Greater Nashville, the teachers diligently continue to work on Self Determination, Self-Advocacy skills, and preparing the students to lead their own IEP meetings. The Student Sprout Film Festival, held on Friday, November 14th at the Belcourt Theater was a perfect opportunity to reinforce the need that our students become self-advocates. It was also a great way to showcase just how well our students are performing at their job sites, as videos were shown from the TennesseeWorks website featuring some of our student stars.

With all of the flurry of new things happening in the Community Based Transition Program some classroom sites even had a chance to take a little time off to relax and enjoy the beautiful fall weather that we have recently been blessed with. The students went bike riding and trail walking at Shelby Bottoms Park, courtesy of the B-Cycle Program in Nashville.

Take a further look at the individual sites, their pictures and descriptions, the list of employers, and resources and updates. You will be amazed at “what’s new”!

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The students and staff enjoying the films at the Belcourt Theater.


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