Former Project SEARCH interns excelling in their new jobs

At this time, four former interns are currently employed.   The Embassy Suites Project SEARCH team is so proud of all their accomplishments. 

 Ian has been working at Goodwill Industries since October.   His supervisor says Ian has a great work ethic and is a pleasure to work with.  Ian says he really likes his job.  

Ian working at Goodwill


Richard working in the Publix deli

Richard has been working in the deli at Publix since May.  He has been saving his money since he started working, and was able to recently purchase his first car.  We are so proud of all Richard has accomplished.   

Ian and Ms Jenn got to catch up at lunch over the Holidays


Rita doing her job at AIG

  Rita loves her new job at AIG.   She is so friendly and well liked by all her co-workers.  Rita’s supervisor says she is doing very well.  

 Michael works as a Houseman at the Embassy Suites where he started as an intern with Project SEARCH.  We are blessed we get to see Michael working throughout the week, he’s even trained some of this years interns.