Transition Documents

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  • Age of Majority
    • Parents want their children to have the skills they need to succeed as adults. While this is important for every young person, youth with disabilities often face extra challenges. That’s why they need to be actively involved in setting their high school goals and planning for their transition to adulthood well before they reach the age of majority. In Tennessee, the age of majority is 18.
  • Parent Guide to Transition
    • Transition is about planning for life! It includes planning for academic and non-academic courses and learning experiences, employment and related training opportunities, choices about where to live in the community, and what to do for fun and socialization.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Your state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agency offers important programs that can be of service to students with disabilities who may be leaving high school without adequate preparation for the job market, or who are out of high school and finding it difficult to find and/or keep a job without additional training.
  • What Is Transition?
    • Transition is a coordinated set of activities for an individual with a disability that is a results oriented process focused on improving the academic and functional achievement of a child with a disability.